More Food Trivia Fun!

Fun food trivia from Lowes Foods Smart Shopper Cindy SilverDo you like guessing games? Hope so - because here is a round of food and nutrition trivia for you. No peeking at the answers until you finish the game!



It is Egg Month and here is Egg Salad 3 Ways!

Egg salad recipes from Lowes FoodsAre you looking for a new, budget-wise option for a healthy lunch? Meet the humble egg and see how easy it is to transform this nutritious giant into egg salad, 3 ways.



Strawberry Smoothies are the Best!

Strawberry smoothie recipes from Cindy SilverSmoothies are a tasty and creative drink for just about any time of day and healthy, too. Here are 3 ways to make a fresh strawberry smoothie and impress the entire family!





How to Blanch Asparagus for a Tender-Crisp Treat

It's not that easy to cook asparagus to a tender-crisp doneness. So, read on for a step-by-step process that is magical and oh so tasty!




National Garden Month is a Time for Planting

Are you new to home vegetable gardening? Are you a pro? Either way, early spring is the right time to get inspired and to get starting with planning and planting.