Helping Your Kindergartner Get Ready with Good Nutrition

Kindergartners and their parents are getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime. So, be sure to keep good nutrition at the top-of-mind with these 5 'lessons' for parents!





Better Batter for Wonderful Waffles

Unusual and fun waffle recipes from Lowes Foods Smart Shopper Cindy SilverThere is a wonderful world of waffles out there and it's just waiting for us to explore it! There are sweet batters, savory batters, and some amazingly delicious ingredients that boost good nutrition, too.



Go Tomatoes

Eating locally grown tomatoes and healthy recipes from Lowes Foods Smart Shopper Cindy SilverIt's tomato time! Read a little history of the tomato, learn a little seasonality of the tomato, and grab an idea or 2 to enjoy your local, summer tomatoes.



Watermelon...Yes Please!

Whether you dice it, slice it, chop it or blend it -- watermelon is a real crowd pleaser in the summertime. Here are 10 ways to enjoy watermelon as a refreshing and nutritious treat!



Grilling is a Smart and Healthy Plan for Dinner

If you can dream it up then you can probably grill it for dinner. Here are some quirky and tasty ways to expand your grilling repetoire this summer.