Soy Foods Help You Eat Well!

healthy soybeanThe humble soybean is a powerhouse of good nutrition. In a 1/2 cup serving, there are 8 grams protein, 3 grams fiber, 9 grams carbs, 3 grams heart-healthy fat and only 15 mg sodium. Here are tasty menus to use for breakfast, lunch or dinner that feature soy foods!





Spring Cleaning For a Healthy, Fresh and Safe Pantry!

healthy pantrySpring is here and it reminds many of us to get cleaning - in the yard, in the kids' bedrooms, in the kitchen! Getting cleaned up and organized in your kitchen pantry is definitely a great idea and here are some of my suggestions for how to tackle the task. After all, it boils down to clean, safe and healthy and that's definitely the best way to welcome Spring! 






Nutrition Month is Ending But Let's Keep the Spirit Alive!

nutrition monthNutrition Month 2014 is nearly over. I will do everything I can, though, to keep the spirit alive. As a registered dietitian, I will keep healthy choices in my shopping cart as a focus and I will encourage our store guests to do the same. Read my 3 Nutrition Month Parting Thoughts as you promote good nutrition to those you care about the most.



International Food and Nutrition Ideas!

international theme dinnersThe world is definitely getting smaller every day. As far as food and nutrition go, there are fantastic flavors and unique ones depending where you visit around the world. But, with the internet and all the fun cooking shows, you can learn about 'world cuisine' from the comfort of your home, too. It's International Ideas Month and so I've decided to toss out some easy and inexpensive tips for turning your American meal table into an International one.





All About Caffeine and How to Keep it Moderate!

caffiene safetyDo you love your coffee in the morning? Do you savor your hot or iced tea for lunch? Is chocolate a must-have during your mid-afternoon slump? Well, March has been designated as 'National Caffeine Awareness Month' and so it's a perfect time to learn some facts and strategies to reach a healthy level of moderation.