Grilling is a Smart and Healthy Plan for Dinner

If you can dream it up then you can probably grill it for dinner. Here are some quirky and tasty ways to expand your grilling repetoire this summer.



Summer Sandwiches

America's favorite lunch is the sandwich, or so they say. If you are looking for some creative, summery sandwich ideas then you can check them out here!



Blueberries for Dessert

Healthy blueberry dessert recipes from Lowes Foods Smart Shopper Cindy SilverDid you know that blueberries make a most wonderful dessert? If you need a few ideas for putting blueberries into your dessert plan then here are 5 to start with as you celebrate National Blueberry Month!



Using Cut-Up Fruits and Veggies

When you learn to use cut-up fruits and veggies, there will be colorful, crunchy, sweet goodness coming your way. Here are some neat tips to cut 7 summer fruits and veggies.



Dairy Yogurt and Probiotics

Are you interested in understanding dairy probiotics, what they are and how to find them at the grocery store? Here is an introduction to probiotics in the dairy case...they are our bacteria friends!