Five Favorite Classroom Party Games

classroom party gamesRowdy kids to corral?  If school is in session, then it's that time of year.  Classroom parties seem to pop up out of nowhere and kids' expectations can be intimidating.  So can the cost and need for help.  Here are five of my favorite go to games that require few accessories and minimal supervision.



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Five Ways To Have A Class Party

Helping out with class parties can become expensive and overwhelming.  However, teachers need all the help that they can get.  Here are 5 quick tips to host a successful class party.



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April Fool's Fun

Sometimes, we get so busy we forget to fully embrace the most mischievous day of the year.  Release your inner prankster and get loved ones laughing with some harmless antics.  We go a little beyond making up a story andthenscreaming April Fool’s.

Last year the kids got a kick out of our Dr. Seuss themed dinner of green eggs and ham.  I let them help me add blue food dye to our scrambled eggs (if they don’t help they’ll probably not eat it because it looks super gross!)  We decorated smiley faces on Canadian Bacon with mustard and made a stack of purple pancakes.  We invited grandparents, aunts and uncles and let them join in and be victimized by our shenanigans.  I’m expecting serious pay backs this year. 

I always remind my kids that as with all pranks, timing is crucial, nothing should be mean spirited and don’t dish more than you’re willing to take.  Here are some ideas we’ve used in the past and a few new ones to torture each other with this week. 

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