8 Great Reasons to Recycle

I know, I know, it’s not always easy or convenient to recycle.  I live outside the city limits of a small town that does not provide recycling for us.  So, if we are going to recycle, it’s up to us to load it up and take it to the recycling plant and quite frankly, it’s not a fun thing to do.  But, if you are like me, slightly inconvenienced by the task and oftentimes let it slip, let me offer up enough reasons to convince us to do it.


5 Fun Easter Activities for Kids!

Happy EasterEaster is my favorite holiday.  I love its meaning.  I love that it comes in the Spring so it’s cheery and bright.  I love that I get to buy new dresses for me and the girls each year, because that’s what my mom used to do.  And I love the chocolate!  Each year, I make a light Easter dinner for anyone in the family who is around and then try to come up with things for all the kids to do.  So, here is a list of my top 5 Easter activities for kids.


Easter Dinner Side Dishes!

Easter dinner side dishesI don’t know what it is about my Easter dinner, but I always want it to be a lighter healthier fare than Christmas and Thanksgiving were.  So, each year I struggle to figure out what to make that will be easy to serve and easy to prepare ahead of time.  Maybe it’s because I know that swimsuit season is heading our way faster than I can whip this body in shape for it, or just that it’s time to shed some of the winter ick, I want to reflect the new bright colors of the outside with what’s on the table.


How to Perfectly Cook Eggs!

So in talking about eggs, I find that so many folks don’t know how to cook them.  I remember calling my mom every time I was going to hard boil eggs to ask her how many minutes to cook them for.  So, now that I am all grown up and a mom myself, I am here to help you!  Consider this your Egg cooking 101!



How to Make non-Toxic cleaners for Spring Cleaning!

Home made cleanersThere really is something about the springtime that makes me want to open the windows and welcome in the fresh air and scrub parts of the house that haven’t been scrubbed since last spring.  Maybe it’s the longer days that energize me or the warm sunshine that I can finally enjoy, but spring cleaning to me can be fun and really rewarding.  Look, if I lost you, I understand, just hang in there with me and we’ll see if you can’t at least appreciate some of the tips I share.  Better yet, check out a previous post on Spring Cleaning Tips that are Quick and Easy .  I get that not everyone enjoys cleaning, and truthfully, I don’t enjoy cleaning everything.  I find bathtubs to be the worst to clean.  I just can’t get comfortable in that chore without getting wet and that’s just not fun.  But I digress… So today, I want to share with you non-chemical ways to clean.  Call them old school if you like, but using items from your pantry, you can accomplish just about any job and know what exactly you are using to clean with.