Avocado and Spinach Salad

Avocado saladSo, the month of March is National Spinach month and last month was Avocado month.  So, to honor both those green foods, I am going to share with you a recipe that Tess, the Community Table manager at the Robinhood, Winston Salem store found.  We made it one day for a Community table event and it was a hit.  So, let me know what you think.

5 Tricks to pulling off home made meals in spite of crazy schedules!

Cooking at homeI hear over and over how you want to cook dinner, you just run out of time and it never seems to happen.  I get it.  With two kids, two jobs, two pets and all the running around that goes with sports, music, clubs and extra-curricular activities, I know that cooking window shrinks.  So, here are a few simple things to keep in mind if you want to cook more family dinners.

Tricks to help you Lose Weight by Summer!

Lose weight by summerI realize it’s still March, but you know bathing suit season is just a breath away!  I don’t mean to strike fear in some of you who have been in denial, but face it folks, the days to whip that body back into something you are willing to show off in shorts, tank tops and possibly a bathing suit are winding down.  Now is the time to make some changes to your habits if you want any results.  Good thing I am well experienced in this area of dread and work.  Here are some tried and true ways to get some quick and positive results.  I’d like to tell you that there is a secret remedy out there.  Just drink such and such and keep doing what you are doing and the pounds will melt away, however, there is no such creature.  It’s a simple formula really.  Eat fewer calories each day and burn more calories through exercise.  But, there are some things that will help you along the way.  Here are a few…

5 Things to help you Reconnect with Others!

button jarI’ve been a bit nostalgic lately.  The other day, I was dropping a button into my glass button jar that I keep and was reminded of the hours I used to spend as a child playing with my mom’s button jar.  I sorted them, counted them, learned to add and subtract using them and most importantly when it comes to buttons, I learned how to sew them on.  I can’t help but think of those days as the good old days.  Nothing against the here and now, things just seemed simpler in the past, didn’t they?  And folks, I’m not that old yet, so for me to start thinking this now, I can only imagine what our parent’s generation and our grandparent’s generation think of all the quick and easy everything that we do. After all, we live in an age where it’s just easier to pitch it than to fix it.  But do we really need a quick fix and an app for everything?

No time to cook? No worries, sandwich night to the rescue!

Sandwich nightI hear from a lot of mom’s that they would like their families to eat dinners together, but with all the harried work and extracurricular activities and various schedules, moms just don’t have the time to prepare a meal that they can all sit down to eat.  It makes me sad to think that.  So, I would like to challenge you that the meal shouldn’t be the focus and the time eating together should be.